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News Important to your pet.


Heartworm Disease- The wet weather the last two springs has led to an increase in the mosquito population which has caused an increase in the transmission and occurrence of heartworm disease. To prevent this dangerous disease all dogs should be on monthly heartworm medication all year long. Adult dogs MUST be tested for heartworm before going on medication. To learn more about heartworm disease CLICK HERE.


Parvo Virus Outbreak in the Junction City/Fort Riley Area- We have seen an increase in the number of dogs infected with parvo virus. This is mostly a disease of young, unvaccinated dogs that causes depression, lack of appetite, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Without treatment, it can be fatal.

Recently we have had two adult dogs test POSITIVE for Parvo. Both are hospitalized and seem to be doing well but this is an alarming trend. Now more than ever you want to make sure your dog is currently vaccinated.

Parvo virus is VERY contagious. Infected dogs release billions of infective viral particles in their stools and the virus can last up to six months under ideal conditions. The virus is literally everywhere, and if your dog is not vaccinated it will probably eventually contract the disease.

If you have a puppy, vaccination should begin at six weeks of age, and continue every three weeks until the puppy is at least sixteen weeks of age. Adult dogs should generally receive booster vaccinations once a year. Properly vaccinated dogs are very resistant to infection.

To learn more about Parvo virus Click Here or call the office at 785-762-3310.